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Now let us take a visual tour of Temple and supporting pictures are there in picture gallery. As soon as you enter a compact Rajagopuram welcomes us. Then as you enter on the left hand side the first Sannidhi is of our Emperumanar Small compact Vigraham of Moola and Uthsava Moorthy is there., then next to him is his Guru Thirukoshtiyur Nambhigal Sannidhi . Here Sannidhi is divided into three parts it is Garbhagruham, then Arthamantapam, Munmatapam which is a Kannadi (Glass room ) arai , Uthsava moorthy is in Kannadi arai , he is in Gyana Mudrai . His aradhani moorthy Anjaneyar ,Lakshmana, Sita Sametha Sri Ramachandra Moorthy ,Then Bhavishyath Acharya Moorthy ( It is the Moorthy in which Emperumanar is seated at the feet of Namalwar) This moorthy was worshipped by Srimath Nathamuni and Yamuna Muni. The poojas are done by the descendants of Nambhigal

Then You come to Ekadesi Mandapam, Then Kodi Maram, and Dwajasthambam. Then you come across the Kalyana Mandapam. It is full of Sculptures. Then a Sivan Sannidhi is there, Then the main door, Then Alwar Sannidhi is south direction. Then is first Sannidhi as soon as we enter is Rukmini SathayaBhama Sahitha Nardhana Krishna is there , His right leg is lifted up and so is his left hand, His right  hand is in Abhayahastham and his Left leg is in ground.  Seeing this Maya Koothan Periya Alwar sang a Pasurams on this beautiful moorthy and its glory. This Sannidhi is Ground floor. Then right on top of this is the Sannidhi of Moolavar in the first floor.

For reaching Moola Sthalam you have to climb flight of few steps, There a majestic Moorthy greets us. The Thiru namam of Moolavar is Uragamellanaiyan, he is also known as Pannaga Mrithu Sayi, His head is resting in south direction, his legs are in Northern direction and his face is in east direction. Sri and Bhoo Devi are sitting near the legs. He is resting on Ananthan . Near his head is Kadambha Maha Rishi, near feet is Indira, Madhu Kaibadar, Purvasu Chakravarthi. then Brahma, Gayathri, Savithri Suryan, Chandran Garudan, Naradhar, etc are there. Then we have Our Cute Uthsava Moorthy Sri Sowmiya Narayan , he is also known as Madhavan, This was the moorthy worshipped by Indira in Indira Loka and then given to Kadambha Maharishi. He is giving sevai in Chaturbhujam. Holding Shanku, Charka and then right lower hand is Dhana Hastham and left lower is Kati Hastham.

Then above this Sannidhi is of Upendra Narayana . Our Sriman Narayana in standing posture and his flanked by Sri and Bhoo Devi. He is given only Kalharam, Sambrani Thaila Kappu , Then on the walls are beautiful paintings , color is natural dyes of Herbs and vegetables.

Then on the last floor is Sannidhi of Sri Bhoo Devi Sametha Paravasudevan .

Then if you come out of the Sannidhi to the Praharam of last floor ,in southern direction you can find a Giant Narasimhar doing Yudham with Hiranya Kashipu. Then you find one more idol of Narasimhar Keeping Hiranya Kashipu in his lap tearing him . Narasimhar is giving darshan in Ashta Bhujam

Beneath Ashtanga Vimaanam in the Southern  Direction is Thayar Sannidhi She is sitting in Lotus , She is Thirumamagal . Uthsavar is flanked by Silver Elephants.

Then in Northern direction of Thayar Sannidhi is Sannidhi of Sri Devi , Bhoo Devi Sametha  Standing Narasimhar with four arms. Then you have Sudharshanam , Srinivasan and Varadharajar Vigraham.

Just outside we have the small idol of Thirukoshtiyur NambigaL  and Emperumanar.

Then you have Sannidhi of Sudikoditha Sudharkodi.

Then you have Ramar Sannidhi, Yoga Narasimhar Sannidhi and Chakrath Alwar Sannidhi.

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