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Why the name Thirukoshtiyur came do you know?

Now we are going back to Hiranya Kashipu's era. He was tormenting the Devas and Rishis because he had taken a boon he should not have death from Devas, Manushya, Bird, Animals, any living being or weapon. Then neither it should be Night nor day, Neither inside the house or outside the house. Because of all these conditions he became very powerful . With this back ground once he threw a Bhootha in front of Kadambha Maharishi's Ashram, then Kadambha Maharishi got angry and gave a shapa that if at all the Hiranya Kashipu comes near that spot his death will take place. Hiranya Kashipu was thinking Narayana was the enemy number one.

He tormented the Devas and Rishis , Then all Devas and Rishis went to Brahma and Rudhra , they in turn went to Sriman Narayana . Sriman Narayana told that Asura Hiranyan is none other than his former Dwarapalaka. Then decided to assemble at Thirukoshtiyur which was the place where Kadambha Maharishi lived. Since all the Devas and  Rishis assembled in Goshti ( Group) at Kadambha Maharishi's Ashram and  this place came to be known as Thirukoshtiyur. Then it was decided that a Nithya Asuri named  Shankarnan will be born in the womb of Kayathu the wife of Hiranya Kashipu and will be born as "Prahalada"  , then Naradhar will bring them to This Kadambha Maharishi's ashram and do the Upadesham of Moola mantra in the womb itself. Then on request of Prahalada Narayana will do the Samhara of Hiranya Kashipu. The plans first part was executed ,when Prahalada was in the womb of Kayathu Naradhar did the Upadesham of Ashtakshra to Prahalada , and Prahalada was chanting only Narayana namam always, these reached Hiranya Kashipu's ears and he started troubling Prahalada . Then one day Hiranyan became very much angry and asked where is you  Narayan, for that Prahalada replies Narayana is present everywhere. Then Hiranyan shows a pillar and asks whether his Narayana is present here. Our Prahalada tells yes he is present in the Pillar, and when Hiranyan strikes the Pillar, Our Abath Bhadavan comes in in the form of Nara Simha (He was neither man nor Lion) , it was twilight time( Neither day nor night) Then he lifted Hiranyan and carried to the Nelapadi ( Door frame of main door) ,then placed Hiranyan in the thighs and tore open his stomach and killed him. The time was Twilight, He as sitting in between inside and outside the main gate, Hiranyan was placed in his thighs, Lord was neither a man nor a animal. Then as per Prahalada Alwan's  request he gave darshan in Yoga Narasimha Form. The place where Lord slew the Hiranyan is just 5 Km from Thirukoshtiyur and the place is now known as Pattamangalam. These is the place where Kadambha Maharishi's Ashram was there. Then on request of Kadambha Maharishi Perumal stayed in Thirukoshtiyur as Madhavan, Sowmiya Narayan.

Other Sthala Puranam Details as per Bhattar of Temple..

Thiruparkadal Sayana, He is giving darshan to Dev Indira . Five Alwars have done Mangalasasnam, Periya Alwar, Pey Alwar, Bhoothat Alwar, Thirumeysi Alwar & Thirumangai Alwar. Periya  Alwar did Mangalasasnam in the first Pasurams itself. The Pasuram goes like this "Vanna Ma Madangal   _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Kannan Murum Kalanthan Raeru enavum. Moolavar Uragamellanaiyan is on Adhi Seshan, flanked by Sri Devi and Bhoo Devi. In Nambhi Brahma is there , next to Brahma is his consorts Savithri  and Bharvi, Then Garuda , Naradhar, Thumbru .Devathas, Gandharvas, this is similar to  the scenery of Thiruparkadal. Uthsavar is Sowmiya Narayan he  is also known as Madhavan. This Perumal was the Aradhani devathai of Deva  Indira , In the month of Chithirai on Chitra Nakshtra , due to Kadambha Maharishi's prayers, Then Nithya Thirumanjanam Bherar is there next to him and next to him is Chakrath Alwar. Then Prathana Krishnan, Then there is special Prathana , it is known as Vilaku Prathana . You can take a Vilaku blessed during Thepa Usthavam, Then when your wish is fulfilled then bring the Vilaku and also new Vilaku according to your capacity bronze, silver or gold Vilaku. It is the idikam that Perumal comes with you as Vilaku Swaroopam and gets your Prathana done. Then Moolavar's Thiruvadi , near Thiruvadi is Madhu And Kaidaba Asuras, Then Kadambha Maharishi, it was due to him only Perumal came to Bhoo lokam and due to his Prathana only 10th Day festival Ther and Thepam. Kasi Maharaja Purvasu Chakravarthi, He brought 1008 Brahmin from Kasi and formed a Agraharam in Thirukoshtiyur. He did Jeernodharna and also Prathistai Ashtanga Vimaanam also. While doing this he did Dhanam for 1008 Brahmins, but he fell short of one Brahmin, so Perumal takes form of a Brahmin and takes the Dhanam from Kasi Maharaja , so Uthsavar has Dhana Hastham (See the picture gallery). If you do the darshan of Thirukoshtiyur you will get the fruit of doing darshan of Naimisaranyam, Having holy dip in Gangai and Darshan of Kurushetram this is said in Brahmanda Puranam.

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